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How to Change a Tire on a Lift Truck

Proper upkeep on a lift truck should include regularly changing the tires to keep the machinery in a safe and good working condition. Maintaining lift truck tires in good shape lessens the wear and stress on the equipment's transmission. The method of changing a lift truck tire depends on the type of tire and version of lift truck.


Pick the kind of replacement tire needed by taking into account the working conditions of the forklift and how often it will be in the field. Thicker tires are more appropriate for equipment that run over rough terrain and throughout damaging areas. These applications need the use of a pneumatic tire. Solid rubber tires are a good option for both inside and outside applications but function better on smoother surfaces. Just use polyurethane tires in inside working places like for example manufacturing facilities or warehouses.

Utilize a jack in order to raise the tire off the ground when trying to change them. Position the forklift jack under the lift truck in either the rear or the front depending on which tire you would be changing. Remove the existing tire by utilizing an air impact wrench to remove the lug nuts from the wheel then pull the wheel off and swap the tire. Polyurethane tires are the easiest type to change, just remove the tire and press another one on. If changing a solid rubber tire, remove the whole tire and exchange for a different solid rubber tire.

Forklift Training Grande Prairie

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